Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Parenting perspective is everything..........

If you notice in life, perspective is everything.
Most people with young kids, even though they are tired, are loving every minute of it.
The women with teens/older kids that haven't really done anything against the family can't figure out what's not great about being a mom.
My life has been harder than I expected, but I am stronger because of it.
I know the pain of losing two babies
I know the toll a defiant teen takes
I know what it's like to have to fight for my son, at school, and sometimes everywhere!
I know the heartache of a daughter turning against her family and in the process suffering some bad consequences.
What I do know, is the hard times make the good times even more joyous
I know the joy of a child who I am very close with. She graduated with honors, made some bad choices, and has since come back to me, and our home. She has totally turned her life around, and I couldn't be more proud of her.
I know the joy of a child who made it to state honor band, is top of her class, and the top tennis player on her team
I know drama like no other! LOL, seriously though my drama queen cares deeply, we have had some sweet moments, she definitely has a mind of her own, and she is so talented when it comes to hair and makeup
I know the joy of progress. When I think about how far my son has come, it brings tears to my eyes. He is the most tender hearted, funny, amazing kid.
I know the joy of having a 9 year old who in some ways is more mature than her older sisters! She is curious, observant, and so smart. She has so many talents, drawing, playing the flute, she makes crafts out of everyday stuff. She loves so deeply and open.
I know the joy of twins! From the amazing pregnancy, that at 37 yes I did carry them to term! To how different their relationship is with each other than just a sister. To see how even though they are the same, they are so different. To see their own likes, and dislikes, their little personalities starting to shine. To how fun they are. Every where we go it's an adventure. They make the boring everyday nonsense less boring. I didn't know I had it in me. I was scared to death to have twins. Might sound dumb, but I'm so proud they are potty trained! That was quite the adventure!
What I have learned through all this is I try to never take a day for granted. Kids are kids, and we don't have the control people like to think we do as parents. Good kids make bad choices. When a teen is spiraling out of control, sometimes it has nothing to do with her home life, or her parents suck. Dont be so quick to judge what you don't understand. Some kindness and compassion go a long way. We all as parents want what's best for our kids, we just do it differently. What works, and motivates one kid, doesn't work for all of them. Parenting is hard, and there is no "right way" there is only the way that works for you.