Saturday, December 31, 2011

New years

Its crazy to me how fast another year has gone by. The older you get years feel like months! I remember telling everyone I was pregnant with 2 babies and now they are turning 2! Where does the time go? My oldest daughter moved out in November. Not only am I not happy about her decision I'm like FUCK! When did I get so old to even have a daughter old enough to move out? So now ones out of the house, next ones getting her license on Monday...I can't lie. Things are good and I'm desperately trying to savor every minute but I feel an underlying sadness. Getting older and having older kids is a hard transition. I enjoy the wisdom I have acquired, the life experience, my ability to gain perspective quicker but I feel older. So as 2011 comes to a close I find myself wondering what the new year will bring.i definitely need to get healthy and drop this baby weight, I have to go with the flow a little more and enjoy every day!!
So Happy New Year!!!

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