Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I'm on my way......

Ok, here is what I figured out........

I am done having children. 
I remember asking other moms, how do you know when you are done? They said you will just know. Yep, now I know. 7 is enough for me :D

Being a stay at home mom is not always fulfilling.
I guess since I have been doing this for 19 years now, I realize I'm getting tired of it. The upside is, yes I do have older children now and I make them work around the house.

With what I know now, I will help my daughters set things up a little different. 
Yes, being home does mean you do most of the work, but I think when your husband comes home, you should get an hour to yourself and he can take care of the kids. I also think he should help with  doctor and dentist appointments, as well as parent teacher conferences, or taking them to a friends house. I also think a call on the way home with hey honey do you need anything? Would be nice since I know I need milk or bread most of the time.

It's important to make yourself a priority.
I don't know exactly how it happened, but over the years I kinda lost myself. I have been fighting to come back for the last two. I'm finally seeing positive changes, and it's nice to be back. It's weird to me how this even happens. I guess since I spent so many years pregnant, and with a baby I got so caught up in the day to day taking care of everyone else but me. You would think it would be easy, but actually it's been hard to take time for myself everyday. My husband is adjusting to the change, and so are the kids.

Looking forward
As I reflect over my life, I realize being a stay at home mom has been the greatest blessing. I wouldn't want it any other way. I have enjoyed seeing each of my children grow up. There is no way I could be less of a mom, or not here for the twins like I was the other 5. It's actually bittersweet, part of me is glad to be done with each stage as it passes, and the other part of me can't believe this stage of having children is coming to an end. I'm excited and scared all at the same time when I think about how different even the next 3 years will be. I will have 3 grown children, and all of my kids will be in school.  I'm making small changes everyday, so the family won't go into shock and wonder what is going in with me! All I know is the frumpy housewife days are done!! :)