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The teen years bring plenty of challenges. Actually that's the understatement of the century! They bring you to the brink of your sanity, make you question and doubt everything you have ever taught them, but there are some tender sweet moments that make you burst with pride, or just melt your heart. I was unprepared for what these years would be like. I thought I would share the worst and the best of it.

The worst things about teens

They need to be prompted on what to say, more than your toddlers do
They are a bad influence on the younger children in the home, from what they say to what they watch on TV
They think they are always right
It is never enough or fair to them no matter the situation
The drama has no end! From she's in my room, to a fight with a friend
It's always someone else's fault
They think they should be allowed to do whatever plan they come up with
The attitude and eye rolls are off the charts
Everyone else's parents let their kids do and have everything. They tell you this and expect you to care about it!!

The best thing about teens

They are independent. They don't need you to get them a drink, dress them, give them a bath etc
They don't need to be entertained by you
They like a break from you
They do their own homework
They can cook, clean, and do laundry
You can leave them home alone
They can babysit the younger ones
You can have a real conversation with them
You can watch TV together
You can read the same books and discuss it
They take care of you when you are sick
You can plan a whole day of lunch, shopping etc and they don't want to be held, and if they need to go to the bathroom they can just go,  and you don't need the stroller!
When they drive, they can help with errands and picking and dropping the younger ones off somewhere
They LOVE to SLEEP!!!!! All night, and LATE in the MORNING!!

The tender moments with teens might be far and few between, but when they come the memory lasts forever! I've been lucky enough to have some serious heart to hearts with my teen daughters. When they tell you they love you, or they tell you you're a good mom they mean it. My drama queen did her essay on me. It's about how I inspire her!  

 So hang in there! Sometimes they surprise you and clean the bathroom! Even on the most awful days, there is always something wonderful too! Even if it's just a simple unprompted I'm sorry, or hug that says I love you Mom.

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