Sunday, October 28, 2012

What my older kids taught me

What my older kids have taught me so far.......

Older kids make you appreciate the younger ones.
I realize now what you miss, you miss the ease of little kids where they are just happy to see you, need you, and they are easily entertained.
You miss being young yourself.
For me I find freedom when they move out. Decisions they make are their own. I'm an out of sight out of mind type person. For example my daughter could stop by before a party, once she leaves I don't think about it. When she is living home, it's ALL I think about. Is she drinking? Will she drive? How is she getting home? Where is she? Who is she with? Is she safe?
There is nothing better than Cuddling little ones. For ex it was chilly this morning, my girls jumped in my bed and we snuggled watching tv for an hour! Hard to be cranky after that :)
I am going to put my time and energy in my younger children who still want me, need me etc..
I am taking it one day at a time.....I've hit a point in my life where I have a lot going on. I need to chill, take care of myself etc. being tired, cranky, and frazzled isn't helping me be a good mom.
I need to find healthy ways to relieve stress.....not sure with the holidays coming up I will have much luck considering food is my first choice
I'm a mom. I look like a mom, talk like a mom. I can't turn the mom off, so I'm going to embrace it. I just care too much, oh well guess my kids can say I loved them to death, it could be worse......

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