Sunday, January 4, 2015

What 2014 has taught me

When the year started I was feeling pretty down. I felt like everyone gets to do what they want except me, I was feeling fat and frumpy , and  out of shape. I decided it was time to make myself a priority and be confident in who I am.

So this is what I learned this year…….


It's ok if the house isn't totally picked up.

Dishes, laundry, toys on the floor,  etc will still be there tomorrow and the world won't come to an end.


It's ok for me to put myself first.

This has been the hardest, biggest change I have made this year. I still don't do it every day, but I always make sure I do at least one thing for myself EVERY DAY. Sometimes it's a really small thing, like a shower, a piece of chocolate, a show I want to watch. I have left the house alone to do something selfish and fun like my hair, or nails! I can't tell you how awesome that has been. I wanted my hair done for Christmas and so much needed to be done, so while I was getting my hair done my husband went food shopping!


Making the time to work out is worth it!

I try and work out as often as I can. Ideally 5-7 days a week but even 3 is ok. Not only have I lost 15 pounds, I dropped two sizes and best of all I feel strong and fit! I got a new kettle bell workout for Christmas and I can't wait to start it.


I finally feel confident enough in my parenting to tell anyone to step back, we are not looking for co parents!

Have you ever noticed when something major happens it's in front of other people? After Christmas my son got in trouble, and of course he was with his grandparents so they knew what happened. This time my husband and I were a united  front and even he told his parents to back off.


Parenting is a dance of keeping your kids close and letting go so they mature and get independent.

I hate when people say things like raise them right, trust your kids etc. The reality is good kids make bad choices, they know what's right and choose bad anyway. We always want to trust our kids, but sometimes we know we can't.

I realized family dynamics, ages of children etc are different for every family and its ok if someone doesn’t understand mine.


I'm exactly where I want to be.

Getting older is funny to me, I'm 42 years old and people still feel the need to tell me things I should be doing. Recently one of my husbands friends was over, and he asked me when the twins start school if I was going to work, and how even a little job making $350 a week would be nice, right? Um wrong! First of all not only is it none of his business but I'm exactly where I want to be. I know many people don't get it, and the art of being a homemaker is getting lost, but I don't plan on working. I want to give the twins the same experience all my other kids got. I want to help in the classroom, have lunch  with them, be home when they are out of school. Why should my older kids get them to and from school, help with homework and start dinner? It's my job and I'm not giving it up.


This is my mantra..

I am fit

I am a good mother/wife


I love my children for who they are

I focus on positive good things

I am proud of my family


~One Tired Mama