Friday, February 17, 2012

Getting older

Getting older sure isn't how I pictured it at all! To be honest I'm having a hard time even thinking something positive about it. Everything is harder now. Every decision has so much riding on it. Will it benefit me? My hubby? The kids? Am I sure I want to? Losing weight is a joke, sleeping is the worst! If it's not a kid waking me up it's the hubby snoring. If everyone is actually sleeping, I can't fall asleep or I will wake up 20 times! I have found a few gray hairs! My mom jokes in the next five years I will be bald since I pull them out! TMI period is so heavy now! I get cramps and it just wipes me out. I'm officially the old mom now. I dropped my son at his friends house and I thought the dad was his older brother! I look in the mirror and I see a mom. I know it sounds silly but it's weird how you just end up here. When you are young and the kids are young you really aren't thinking about much. You are just going through the motions of life, starting your family etc.Everything is new and exciting. You just got a house, kids starting school. Then one day it happens. Suddenly you realize your kids are growing up and you really look in the mirror. WOW! When did I get old? I like to think I'm 28 in my head but with my daughter turning 19 I'm smacked to reality. This school year is flying by and next year my daughter will be a senior and my next in HS! It's crazy how fast it really all goes. So now I guess you would say I'm having a little mid life crisis. It's been hard coming to terms with older children and me being older. My glory days are behind now I'm finding my way back. To the joys of my younger years. Being content with being the best homemaker I can be. I have been blessed to have the full range, and I am so thankful for my little ones. I figure by the time they are in HS I will officially be old, have some grandchildren and be ready for that next phase in life. As for now I'm still trying to hang on....

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