Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Double standards

We all live with them even if you don't think you do. Here are the most common ones:

Hubby makes plans goes out
We are fine we deal, no problem
We go out..
Hubby cranky, needs to be praised for watching his own children, and on top of that we set everything up so we can leave the house for 2 hours!

Hubby is in a bad/cranky mood
We ask are you ok? Is there anything I can do? And then we even make the kids behave give daddy some space, and make the whole day better for him.
We are in a bad mood/cranky
Hubby is like what the hell is your problem? Do you have your period?! The kids act like shit, and the whole day is one big suck fest

Hubby is making a phone call, he even goes out back to talk
We keep kids quiet and leave him alone
We make phone call..who are you talking to? All hell starts breaking loose and we have to hang up

Hubby is taking a shower
We give him privacy and keep kids out of bathroom
We take come in ask what are you doing as the shower curtain flings open, and if we are really lucky hubby sits on toilet to talk!

Hubby bought something, not a large expense but still
We are like oh that's nice, he does work his ass off, he deserves something for himself
We buy something..usually it is for the kids, or the house, or something to eat even..hubby can't figure out why you spent extra money on something!

Hubby needs to make an appointment, hair cut, doctor, dentist etc
We set up the appointment for him! And half the time he has the nerve to say its not a good time! What?! Make your own damn appointment then!
We make an appointment for ourselves or the kids, he can't help or watch the kids!

Hubby...what's for dinner?
We say excitedly I cooked tonight! How's meatloaf, mashed potatoes green beans sound?
Hubby..oh I was actually in the mood for pizza
We say not tonight I cooked! When we really mean WTF? You couldnt have told me that earlier? I wouldn't have cooked!

Hubby is trying to get some work done on the computer
We let him be, keep kids away, make dinner etc
We want some uninterupted computer time, um yeah when the kids go to bed, if we're lucky!

We have been up all week with a sick baby..barely sleeping
Hubby..why are you so tired and cranky? What's for dinner?
We long to sleep
Hubby sleeps in on Saturday

Kids..MOMMMM can I...
We say ask your father
kids say we did he said ask you!

And on and on it goes.. I wish someone would smooth the way for me...for just a day even...

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  1. Omg, thats so true! At least at my house anyway. I have five children, and I'm a stay at home mother too. How I long to have things be equal in my household for just one day. If I get a "day off" it's usually followed by me spending two days cleaning up. I do love my husband and he works a lot, but somedays I wish he would realize that I work hard, too.