Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Enjoying the little things

I'm not missing a moment.....

It's so weird to me how days drag on, yet years fly by. Sometimes I don't feel old enough for my life, and other times I feel like an old lady! The one thing I can say for sure is I definitely take time now to savor everyday. Even on my bad days, there is always something beautiful that happens. 
Having a large family is quite the adventure. The teens make 2yr old tantrums enjoyable, since I know once they calm down we hug it out and mommy made it all better. Your teenager can be a jerk for dayyysss!!!
The middle ones say the funniest things, and have the most interesting perspective, since they are trying to figure out what everything means. For example my 8yr old says mom I wish I was a boy. I said why? She says because girls have to the hatch the babies and it hurts! My  11 yr old son says I'm not going to waste my money on girls. Why not? I ask. He says because you buy all that stuff and they might not even like you!
Every time my 2yr olds look around, I look too! They are amazed at everything! The sky, birds, bugs, grass, rocks (they call them rock-o) driving in the car, trucks, flowers, people! They say hi to everyone! When I go to SAMs club I joke that they would make great greeters. 
It's such  bittersweet times as my babes are learning to go out on their own. Once one graduates HS, it really goes fast. In August I will have oldest out on her own, a senior in HS, a freshman in HS, a sixth grader, a fourth grader and 2  1/2 year old twins! Wow, 20 years....such a long time, yet it went soooo fast! I sure have had one blessed life, and am so thankful for everyday.