Sunday, August 26, 2012

I wish someone told me

Wish someone gave me the heads up when it came to being a Mom

You remember being pregnant right? Oh congratulations, how exciting, this will be the best time in your life etc.   For me, I would've liked a heads up.  Im just going to touch on the basics, what i think would've really helped me be more prepared.
It would've been nice to know how much labor hurts, how hard it is, how painful that ring of fire actually is! That it is possible to fart, or poop during delivery. Or how about this one, how easy a c section is, no labor etc. HAAAA! My c section was the worst experience ever! I would've liked to know how painful recovery was, what happens if you get a uterine infection, how even though you want desperately to exclusively breastfeed, you need those pain pills to survive!
Oh you'll see, newborns sleep a lot. Um yeah if you think waking every 45 minutes to eat is a lot! How about telling someone you will be more tired than you think humanly possible.  You might not sleep for YEARS. Make sure you have help. It's ok to cry, we all do. Babies don't come with a book, trust your instincts. Think about if you are going to be an on demand type of parent, or get the baby on a schedule.
I'm not going into great detail but you really should figure out where you stand where vaccinations are concerned. Are you and your husband united on this decision? What kind of a pediatrician do you have? Babies go to the doc ALL THE TIME.
How about potty training? You will feel like what seems like consecutive dayssss in the bathroom, just so the second you let your kid up, they pee on the floor! How it takes TIME, patience etc, that they will have accidents, plenty of them, especially when you are the least prepared.
What about how fast the first five years go? It's like one day your up every hour,  getting no sleep, walking the house with this precious little bundle and the next you are waving goodbye as your baby heads on into school! 
Once school starts, life really takes on a whole new turn. First, your precious little angel comes home with all these not so great things, like new words, having an attitude etc. This is the beginning of the end. Everyday your child is growing further away from you. You know this is how it's supposed to be, they are finding themselves, figuring out who they are and what they like. But I would've liked the heads up on how painful this process actually is.
If you have more than two children, get ready for the fighting. It NEVER ends. I really would've liked the heads up here. I had no idea that the older they get, it actually gets WORSE! They call each other names, yell, scream, hit, punch, wrestle, the girls take each others clothes without asking, it's relentless. You can punish, separate them, soap mouths, time outs etc and they will STILL do it.
One day when you least expect it, your precious baby becomes a TEENAGER!  I was the least prepared for teens. This is where a heads up would've been a sanity saver! If you have girls, you probably thought the tween years were tough. Um no, that was just the teaser for what was to come. It's as if overnight they grow boobs, get their period and suddenly think they know everything. Here's a heads up, think about dating, movies, sleep overs, hanging out, parties, driving, and about working.
Just when you think you have a handle on on your child becoming and adult, your relationship, who you think they are, they GRADUATE high school.
Here is the biggest heads up of all,  LETTING GO is harder than you think it is.
It is quite a transition going from mommy to mom. 
So here you go! I hope this helps you :)