Friday, August 10, 2012

17 years ago......

17 years ago.......

Where does the time go? My second oldest is 17 today! Wow, how different things were 17 years ago..........
We were living with my mom in her basement apartment. We already had one child, she was 2. Everyone thought it was so weird that I would have a baby living at my moms, since we didn't have our own place. We always knew we wanted more kids, so why wait? My pregnancy was going well. I looked good and felt great! We thought maybe I was having a boy since I was carrying better than my first pregnancy. At this time I was seeing a male doctor. The more pregnant I got, and started asking questions about labor and delivery, I just knew I wasn't going to be happy. I found a midwife who would take me when I was 8 months pregnant! She was wonderful. It was a few days before my due date and she told me I was starting to dilate and efface, but she was going on vacation. I was so upset, saying no I need you. She said go home try taking some castor oil and we will see. Well I took a tablespoon, it was the most nasty stuff ever but it did throw me into full blown labor. I got to the hospital and was like 5cm. She broke my water, and I was having crazy strong contractions. My husband was getting nervous, thinking maybe I wouldn't make it this time since we there only a short time. I said ok, I think I need something for the pain. When she checked me I was already crowning! 3 pushes and she was out! I had a hard time controlling it, so she came out fast and swallowed some fluid. I will never forget suddenly I realized they took the baby out of the room. Oh, she is just being checked. Finally after I was all clean and in my room, I'm like ok where is my baby? I got out of bed and started walking down the hall. I will never forget seeing my baby hooked up to all those wires and things! It was scary. Thankfully she didn't have to stay too long and before I knew it she was in my room, with me nursing her. I was home in 24 hours. It was an adjustment going from one to 2 kids for me. My girl cried a lot, but it was ok. I just held her, almost all day! Wow, has she come a long way from that crying, shy little girl stuck to my leg! She is in the top of her senior class, is on her way towards an academic scholarship that will include all 4 years, and she is a fabulous tennis player!

I just sent this to her teachers:

She is the second oldest in a family of 7 children. She is the oldest living home. She is driven, goal oriented, responsible, has great time management skills and is an overall joy to her family and everyone around her. I can't believe this is her senior year!


  1. Awe happy birthday to your beautiful daughter! Amee

  2. Happy (belated) Birthday to your daughter... and Happy (belated) Day to you Mama. Wow... how time flies.