Monday, July 30, 2012

Back to school time!

Getting ready for school

It's the final countdown for us. School starts August6. You know that Staples commercial? The one where, "It's the most wonderful time of the year" is playing? And parents are skipping down the aisles, with the kids sad dragging behind them? Well, yep it's like that! It has been a great summer, but the kids are getting bored. We laughed, played games, did lots of swimming, watched movies, went to the library and a water park a few times. Even though I get tired of the back and forth, and homework, I'm ready for the break! And the kids need school! 
So this year, my drama queen is starting HS! A freshman, time goes so fast! She is so funny though. She is way too concerned about her looks and boys! She is trouble with a capital T! She is already hassling me about having a boyfriend, and school didn't even start! I have my eyes wide open where she is concerned. The cool thing is our school offers awesome programs, and she is taking theater and dance. Then she's on track for beauty school jr year. She is the type that does just enough, so I think she will be fine where grades are concerned.
My oldest living home is a senior this year! I feel like my oldest just graduated, and now my next one is graduating!  I feel the shift already. She's had a an active summer with friends, going out and driving around by herself.  I ordered the yearbook, now it's class ring, scholarships, applying to college, college tours, senior prom etc! I'm trying to prepare myself this time, so I don't have another crisis when she moves out! The difference here is her absence will be felt huge! My son is VERY attached to her, and she's the peacemaker in the house. They all say she is my favorite sister. 
My son is starting 6 th grade this year. I take it one day at a time with him. In case you haven't been following me, he's on the spectrum, high functioning, and every year is a new experience to say the least. He's already getting anxious, biting his finger nails, making sure everything is set up, from sharpening his pencils, to how his back pack is organized. We haven't gotten a letter yet from his teacher for back to school night, and he checks the mail EVERYDAY! The good news is, one of his favorite teachers and mine is going to sixth grade also! So I'm thinking it should be a good year. I have his IEP all set up, so we will see.
My girl is a fourth grader this year! She is so smart, she just hasn't had a teacher really tap into how smart she is. Last year her teacher was a real bitch, but I tried to keep it cool for my daughters sake. I tried fighting her on grades, and she wouldn't budge! It's funny, because since she is after my son, I almost feel bad for the teacher! I will not let another one of my children fall behind! When you have smart kids, they nit pick. For ex, she got points off for spelling on a test that's not a spelling test. Her thankful letter at thanksgiving got a D! Meanwhile, she had run on sentences. Give me a break! My sons letter says I'm thankful for turkey, it's cool. Then she took points off for forgetting her name. Whatever! We are over it, she had good grades, and it's a new year now.
It will be good to have time with the twins alone! I love my kids, but the older ones are a bad influence on the toddlers! Plus now I can start table time, coloring, puzzles, counting, etc. they do a lot better when the others don't get involved.
And the number one reason school is the best time of the year is.....EARLY BEDTIMES!! YAY

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