Sunday, July 22, 2012


My kids are growing up and I'm growing older
I don't want these changes to make me colder
I need to find my way back
To the joy I feel I now lack
I keep thinking, this has to be just a phase
But I can't seem to see past the haze
Things are so hard right now
From my oldest moving out to not knowing how
To find my balance, in this next stage of life
I wasn't prepared that older kids would cause so much strife
I wish things didn't have to change, though I know that would be so lame
I 'm so far out of my comfort zone, not a day goes by that's the same
I'm trying to focus on all the ways change isn't so bad
Like having more freedom to come and go, then I've ever had
It would be so easy to focus on the best
If I could ever get a full nights rest
So I've gone all the way from diapers and toys
To Grade school and boys
Now seeing my children grow up, adds to the list of my joys

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