Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kids these days.......

I went out with my husband last night to Rita's to get an ice. The place was packed with teens. Ok, problem I have nothing against teenagers. So we got our ice sat and sat down. Some interesting things happened next. The first thing I noticed was at the kids table were two little boys. They looked to be about my sons age, 11. Upon further investigation, it became obvious they were the little brothers to some of the kids. The kids ranged from I'd say those little boys, 11-17.  This is the first thing I find so funny. Parents, do you really think sending your kids little brother is going to keep the teens in check? First of all they sat the little boys at a table away from them, then just completely ignored them. Who knows how it all works out in the car. The second thing that happened was some other kids came in to meet their friends. This boy just climbed over and sat down sooo close to my husband, with his back towards us. The thing about it was, it was soooo rude! Parents, please teach your kids about respect. Respect for the place they are at, and especially their elders! The kid should have said, excuse me? Is anyone sitting here? Can I have this chair? Thank you. Then the kids were standing up all around us. They must have felt my glare because they sat down at the table behind us. As soon as I went home, I had a talk with my teens about how to behave! Oh, and they were pleased to find out I have no intention of having the younger sibling tag along!

So, is it just me? Or do you find kids rude these days, with no respect?


  1. I've gotten to the point...rude pisses me off! YOU are not alone! Like you said, as if it is going to "make" them behave. Something else that I do not plan on doing and that is having my daughters babysit each other like that...even now I try my hardest not to put too much sibling to sibling responsibility on my kids...yes, look out for each other...have each others back... but that is about it! I have been surrounded by rude lately...not just kids, but adults too. sheesh it is out of contol. The other weekend, I took my kids and MIL on a mini vacation, we were waiting our turn in line, this woman walks up to the counter leans on it, walks around, I could tell she was "impatient", she was pacing... I was next in line (waiting my turn) and then finally a 2nd person comes up and says, Next in line, I walk up to the counter and MS. Rude, interrupts...I said, excuse me I've been waiting my turn, the line is back there, I waited my you can wait yours. Sheesh....