Tuesday, July 3, 2012

20 years ago I married my best friend.......

20 years

I can't believe it was 20 years ago when I said  "I Do". So much time has passed, so many wonderful memories. It made me remember the beginning.......

I just moved back in with my mom in NJ, I was 15 starting a new HS again, as a sophomore. I hated it here. Why did she move here? I feel like I'm in the middle of nowhere. At the bus stop I notice this boy smoking a cigarette. I was always pushing the limits, so I walked right up to him said hi, as I flipped my amazing big hair of course, and said can I have a cigarette? He said yes, of course. We started hanging out immediately since we lived in the same apartment complex. He would walk me home, or we would would just hang out and talk. He was so easy to talk to. He was always interested in what I had to say. We had similar backgrounds, being children of divorce, with working moms. I finally found someone who understood me, who liked me, for me, and he thought I was the most beautiful girl! Our first date was to see Fatal Attraction! It still cracks me up when I think about it. My mom drove us to the movies, dropped us off and said she would be back. On the way in he reached for my hand, and when I grabbed his hand, I felt all tingly. I think he might've kissed me after the movie, but my mom was there. I think things were better in a way, back then. We couldn't have contact 24/7 like today, so the anticipation would build, when would he call? When would we see each other? On the bus? He was so cute. I remember he walked all the way to the deli to get me breakfast, came back and threw snowballs at my window to wake me up! We would pass notes in school, try to meet up at my locker, and sit together on the bus. When he bought a pack of cigarettes from 7-11, he would buy me a rose! It wasn't long before we were together all the time. He would come with me to my Nana's house and help trim her bushes etc. He was always, so kind, caring, and a little sensitive. He was the good boy, I was the bad influence LOL! I always said if his mom was paying more attention, she would've told me to keep away from her son! We got in our share of trouble, from coming home late and drunk, to cutting school, but we also created the most amazing memories that I still think of today. We gave each other everything we were missing from our home lives. It's no wonder right after HS I got engaged and we were married when I was 19 and he was 21! Our families were not happy. They thought we were too young and didn't support it. The sad thing is I don't have the memories of planning a wedding, and shopping with my mom but it's ok. He came with me to pick out my wedding gown. I can still see the girls face, this is your fiancé? Don't you want it to be a surprise? So funny, we did everything backwards, but we must've done something right since now here we are 20 years later, still in love, still best friends, with 7 children! The best is to all the people who thought we were "playing house" who's playing house now? LOL


  1. I love your blog!!! This reminds me of my wedding day... There was a girl there that was one of my closest friends at the time (boy was I stupid when I was younger), and as we walked out of the church after we were married, she was saying to people "That will never last, I can't believe they even actually went through with it!" I was extremely hurt at the time, but now that I look back on it, I think it's kind of funny. We just celebrated our 16th anniversary and have 3 wonderful kids, while she has been married and divorced too many times to count, and none of her children have the same father. I just love to prove people wrong :) And by the way, happy anniversary!!!

  2. I am in tears....this is one of the best feeling packed anniversary stories I've ever read! Congratulations to the both of you. Sometimes ya just have to SHOW THROUGH EXAMPLE that people can and will be wrong. All the fluff goes away and yes you are left with memories, but guess what you are left with...THE REAL DEAL. The real deal is only a billion times better. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.

  3. This was one of the sweetest stories I have read in a long time. Congratulations to both of you, and I wish you another 20 years of love and happiness..

    I am happy I found you on the Blog Hop.. Have a great day!