Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy Birthday 5

Number 5, my namesake :)

Wow! Nine years have past! A lot sure has happened in these nine years, I had twins and a daughter graduate HS, not to mention a big move for my family. The biggest thing to me right now is I was only 30! Ah, to be that young again! Anyway this is about my beautiful daughter, not myself.
After my son was born, I just new I wasn't done having kids. Everyone thought since I finally had my boy I was done getting pregnant. Um, no. It was never about just getting to the boy! Anyway, this pregnancy kinda snuck up on me! We were seriously considering selling everything, getting an RV and traveling across America. Our family thought we had lost our minds! Well I got pregnant, and we took it as a sign to stay put. There was no way I could have a baby on the road! I always love being pregnant. This time was no different. I felt great. We found out it was going to be a girl so we started thinking about names. My husband actually said, why don't we name her after you? I'm like really? Are you sure? It's kinda cool, but I know everyone will hate it. My husbands like, yeah, since when do you care what everyone else thinks? So we decided to name her after me! I was really excited about it. Everyone else? Thought it was weird, why would we do that, blah blah this being my 5 th baby I figured I knew what this having baby stuff was all about. Yeah, God sure laughed at that! I figured I would go early, running around after all the kids. Um no, she was 5 days late. Then I figured I knew how labor was going to go....not even close! I started to have contractions, and my husband panicked. He called my mom she came rushing over and they seemed to slow down. I'm like let's just get some sleep. Well at 5am I woke up to a pop and boom, my water broke! All over the place! Yep real labor...there was no way I was going to stay home. Normally after my water breaks I have the baby. So we rushed to the hospital. At first things were normal. 5 cm active labor....then more dilation....I am one of those crazy all natural women. I have never even had an IV during labor! My midwife comes in and says your not progressing, I think you need pitocen. I was soooo upset, she said ok, let's start with an IV, maybe you are dehydrated. Well after an hour no change. I needed Pitocen. Let me just tell you, all natural with Pitocen has been the hardest labor of my life! I thought I was going to die! I was sooo mean and said some horrible things, but I did it! The most amazing part was, once the midwife got her head out, I pulled her the rest of the way right on to me! It was 3 pm and the nurses were changing shifts. She stayed on me for a half hour before we even knew what she weighed! When the nurse checked on us, she was already nursing, and said oh wow, ok I will get you cleaned up then take the baby! You want to know something else funny? My mom is in the delivery room every time, and has cut all the umbilical cords! So my beauty weighed 8lbs 6oz 
This was the first time I stayed in the hospital as long as they would let me!
Now she's 9! The cool thing is she is so much like me! We call her a nickname of my name so she has her own. From the time she was little she would say, oh that's my mom not me! Oh, I love her so :)

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