Friday, July 20, 2012

Spending time with 7

Inspired housewife asked a great question....
Okay here is another question how do you make time for each of your children? 
As you can imagine, having 7 children this is something I have enjoyed, found impossible, and felt guilt over. The amazing thing is when you have a large family, they get a lot of what they need from each other. They are very independent. They are aware at a young age, that I cannot be everywhere, with all of them paying attention to every single thing alll day long. Obviously babies and the young ones get the most time and attention. They still need it, want it and it's my job as mom to make them feel loved, safe and secure. Then when my husband and I have an errand to run, we usually take one of them. Even though food shopping might seem lame to you, for them it is one on one time for them. We talk, catch up, I let them pick out the cereal, juice and snacks for the week. We watch movies together, game together and eat dinner as a family EVERY night. They all have different interests, and things going on at school. So when it's their turn it's all about them. Birthdays are VERY special around here, since it is your day. You pick dinner, what kind of cake you want and we plan a party. I don't micro manage my kids lives. They need to play, read, use their imagination,  make their own friends, get exercise and spend time with me.
I'm actually glad I had the 5 of them first since now I feel the twins are the ultimate test! I probably feel the most guilt when it comes to them because you can't do for 2 what you did for one. For example, holding. Even now my back is breaking off because sometimes I will hold them both.  The schedule, I don't break it EVER. Having 2 tantruming cranky toddlers is enough to drive you to insanity! One is usually more compliant. It has been my mission to not favor one child over the other. Do you have any idea how hard this is with twins? Especially when one is literally throwing herself all over the floor, and the other is playing quietly?! 
At the end of the day, I did the best I could. I love them all, and they know it. Just like anything else, some days one needs more attention and time, and the others have to deal with it. Somedays I wish would last forever, and I think this is what its about. Somedays I wish would end quickly, and I want to run away!
Being a mom is hard, no matter how many kids you have.


  1. Thank you for this perspective it is difficult to spend lots of one on one time. We also eat dinner every night as a family and our kids go everywhere with us. I do not want to play the favorites card either as I know how damaging that can be to a child. Thank you for this post !

  2. found you through and wanted to say Hi! Enjoyed this post, hope to read more soon!