Wednesday, July 11, 2012


It's quite interesting breathing heavy on the big 4-0 and having 2 year olds. I've come to realize that I think I am in the throes of a mid life temper tantrum! When the kids don't get their way, they whine, throw a fit which sometimes entails them throwing themselves down to the ground where they proceed to kick and roll around. As I was watching this the other day I realized, wow, I would love to do that! But being the responsible adult that I am, I figured out a better way to handle things. I have decided to treat everyone the way they treat me. I am so tired of all the bullshit, day in and day out! Kids fighting, whining, not getting their way and acting  ridiculous over nothing. So now, I too have selective hearing. It's funny because my 14 yr old has noticed and I can tell by her reaction she is not enjoying it. Take yesterday for example. She wanted her friend to come over. She was a jerk to her little sister all afternoon. I acted like I didn't hear her. By the time her dad came home, we had dinner it was getting late. She asked again and was under the assumption that I said yes. I said ask dad, which of course he replied NO. She was not happy at all! I have to say, so far today, she is staying out of trouble. Smart girl. With the other younger kids, things working out as well. When they ask for a snack, I pretend I  didn't understand the question. Then after a few minutes, I'm like, oh you were talking to me? I didn't hear you. Then if they are acting ridiculous over nothing, like shes sitting too close to me on the couch, or she made faces, or he walked in front of the TV and so on... I just take away whatever they wanted in the moment.
Here is where the problem starts. I have realized I am doing this with my husband as well. Needless to say, he is less than amused. I am trying to figure out how it all started. Is he starting with me? Or am I just rebelling against everybody? I feel like he is telling me what to do, and how to do it. Like he is blaming me for every annoying thing the kids do. But is he really? Or am I just the one with the problem? Is this just more of typical stay at home mom stuff?
Then the whole Internet thing. He was so funny last night asking me all these questions and saying I knew it. You're addicted. First of all I could have told you that, second of all who cares? The real reason I'm on all the time is I don't have a life outside my house. I stay home with the kids. I don't have many friends. My online life is just exciting to me. Yes , I use it as an escape. So what? I look at it this way, there are plenty of worse things I could be addicted to! Even my online life is the real me! I'm a mommy blogger for crying out loud! What does he think I'm doing? Plus it's not a secret. He knows about it and can read it if he wants. The rebelliousness comes in where I don't need him telling me when I can and can't be online. I'm not a child. So yes, often I go on when he is home just to prove I can. Dumb I know, but honestly? I don't want to stop, so I probably won't. I think if I ever really got a life outside this house, my family would be in total shock. Who knows, maybe that's my next addiction.......;)


  1. Oh don't get me started with the comments from hubs about my time online. Really? You want to poke that bear?
    I think you are doing a perfectly good job with your kids in the ol' 'I can't hear you' aspect. Who looks after us? Nobody, that's who!
    Carry on sister!

  2. The internet thing is very familiar to me...

  3. You are not alone and neither is your husband! I can relate and I especially do not need someone telling me what to do...I am a grown woman. I think I mentioned once he locked mr out of the desktop, so I went out and bought a laptop. It was like we were playing tug of war. And he know how much i enjoy blogging and my fb page. I've had the i do this for me conversation, so recently when he seemed really bothered by it I told him thAt I turned off my page that it took awhile before it would be deleted and that as soon as I figured out how to shut down my blog I would and that I would cancel Internet service and I meant it...I told him nothing was more important than my family. I told him but you better get ready to hold me cause I wasn't doing it to harm our family I was doing it for me... Thank goodness he respects that I need to hold on to a smidgen of self and individuality...we talked about balance and he said that he did not want me to give it up. I think he was afraid I would never let him stop holding

    From the things you've mentioned about your hubby leads me to believe he loves you, wants you to be happy and doesn't seem like the type that wants to control you...maybe try and hear what he is saying. I asked the sailor if he felt like I was neglecting him...ask your hubby what bothers him the most...seeing you or the computer or does he feel neglected....Maybe concessions need to be made. I think we are a lot alike in the sense that nothing is more important than family. Maybe your guy just needs reassurance that he is important to you.

    Hugs to ya, mama....