Thursday, October 8, 2015

Goodbye excuses

As you can imagine when it comes to excuses I have plenty! What difference does it make if I lose weight or not? It won't change the kind of wife or mother I am. I'm in my forties, married with 7 children who cares. I'm so busy there is no way I have the time. 
But the real problem was I didn't feel good at all. I hated going out since I didn't like how my clothes fit. I was feeling really down about myself. My confidence was at a low. I started to think about how I spend my days. The crazy thing is I have at least 15 hour days. How could I not find time to workout? Putting myself first on my list of priorities was hard, I wasn't used to it and neither was my family. I started out slow, 30 min walking, then kettlebell and then I tried the gym. For me the gym didn't work since I had to wait until someone could watch the kids. When I got there I never could figure out a routine. Oh sure I could hire a trainer but I don't have that kind of money. It was slow going until my friend told me about Beachbody. The combination of working out, drinking shakeolgy and clean eating worked right away. I saw results in the first month and it kept me motivated. It didn't take long before I felt good physically and mentally. This is a lifestyle not a diet. After a few months my husband started doing it and now the whole family works out and eats clean. 
You can join me on this health and wellness journey! Email me at onetiredmom9@gmail and we can get you started 😀