Monday, October 12, 2015

Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday always gets me thinking. Of course our kids, family etc is our motivation for getting healthy, but I want you to think about how you are eating better and working out for YOU. What keeps me motivated when I'm tired, stressed, and having a bad day is how good I feel in my clothes, how strong my body is now from working out and how I am in control of what I do and don't do for myself. As women it's easy for us to make everyone else a priority over ourselves. When we are a priority in our own life, we feel better about ourselves which makes us happier. As a result the day to day tasks are easier to handle. The food we eat and working out directly affects our mood. Remember this is a lifestyle, it will take time. Is it hard sometimes? Yes! But it is always worth it!
What is your motivation for getting healthy?
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