Monday, October 19, 2015

Motivation Monday

So let's talk motivation today
I find how you start your Monday sets the tone for the week. Mondays are kind of a rush day for me since our school has a half day on Monday every week! So that means my kids are home by 1 o'clock. I work hard at scheduling the morning so I get some housework done and my workout before the kids come home. I pretty much work out the same time every day and that really helps me to stay motivated and on track since I'm a very scheduled and routine person. I noticed most people don't share about what motivates them but I think it's really important to figure out what motivates you what keeps you motivated and how you will stay motivated. For me when I first started of course the motivation was just to feel better,  to not wake up every day not feeling good, feeling tired, fat and frumpy. It was the hardest thing that I ever started. I was not in the mood I was already over 40 part of me didn't really care, I kind of saw it as just my last shot to get healthy and enjoy life before I get too old. I was fighting age, and my thyroid as well so it took me really long to start seeing results, but I stuck with it because I noticed right away how much better I felt getting off the couch doing a little work out trying to eat better. it gave me purpose,  gave me direction it was something and still is something that I can control.  I control myself what I do what I don't do what I eat what I don't eat. Then before you know it everything gets easier, making healthy choices, workouts clean eating... then suddenly it takes off and you start to really see the results of all your hard work. That's what keeps me motivated now the results, not only do I feel more healthy I look more healthy and I look younger which is probably the best benefit of them all, how my body looks how my body feels and the clothes that I can wear now . 
So take some time today to really think about it and please share with me what really motivates you and how you plan to stay motivated have a great Monday.
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