Monday, March 19, 2012

Learning to let go of the WHY

As parents, moms specifically, do we ever get over the why? Why do the kids do the same annoying things everyday? Why do you correct the same behavior everyday? Why must you say the same things everyday? Why does it seem like all you do is try, try, try and nothing changes? Why does everything fall to us? Why is the unspoken rule that we handle everything? Why is it we can't have a day to be sad, cranky, moody or just tired? Because you know when you do all hell breaks loose, from the kids acting up to the husband! Then the big issues like why does your child choose to rebel? What could you do differently? Why would she waste her time with such a loser? Why would she turn from everything she knew? Why would she drop out of college? Why would she settle for so little? Why can't I seem to get a grip? Why can't I just let go, and not care so much? Why does it make me feel like my life is a joke now? Why does it make me feel so bad? Why does it make me feel like a bad mom?