Saturday, March 3, 2012

Yep I'm weird too!

It's funny how we see our kids and their quirks and we wonder where they get it from!
Here are some of mine :

I don't like crowds. I feel like people are taking my breath away
I have to sit at the end of the row at the movies or anywhere there is that type of seating so I don't feel trapped
I love crazy socks
I'm a germ freak, if I have to go into a public restroom when I wash my hands I use the paper towel to open the door
I hate hugs, guess that goes with I don't like people touching me or sitting too close to me. I will get up if you are too close and I go stiff when you hug me
I hate crumbs on the floor or the counter. I will go on my hands and knees to wipe crumbs after everyone eats allll dayyyyy long
I can't have any cabinets or dresser drawers open. I will close them. My family often tests me by leaving a shirt sticking out of their dresser and I have to tuck it in and close the drawer
I love coffee
I like silence. When I am blessed to have even 10 minutes everything is turned off no tv or radio on
I am a neat freak. I clean everyday. Everything has a place. You can only leave one pair of shoes by the front door. I have come along way. I can look in my kids rooms now leave a toy on the floor and their bed lumpy.
I hate dishes in the sink
I love food
I hate going to the doctor..main reason they weigh me and touch me
I don't like to drive...anywhere really but I have created this tiny safe circle I,library,food store
I don't like change, I like routine, it's been so hard for me to come to grips with the fact life is always changing and moving forward
I love my life, my husband and children are everything to me! They make my life worth living
I'm afraid to die

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