Monday, March 5, 2012

My dream for a day

I woke up to the usual chaos of the morning, got the kids out to school and i decided to go for a walk. After I wrestled the twins into the double stroller making the belts as tight as possible off we went. While I was walking I was day dreaming about the perfect day. A day of no resistance.....picture this..

Good Morning........good morning mom I hope you slept well

Kids it's time to get ready for school........okay mom
Did you brush your teeth?..........of course mom
You need to brush your hair.......alright mom I'm doing it now
What do you want for breakfast?..........anything you make mom, your breakfast is the best
As they are sitting at the table....laughing, polite conversation, helping each other
Ok get your shoes on its almost time to go........okay mom
Let's get in the car........everyone calmly takes their seat, no fighting about who is sitting where, and who is touching or breathing on who
Have a nice too mom, I will miss you. Kiss kiss
Okay girls let's go........they actually get out of the car and come inside without one throwing a tantrum, losing a shoe, wanting a binky etc
Want to go for a walk?..........they get right in stroller, enjoy the walk, not throwing anything like their shoes or whatever toy they convinced me to bring

It's the afternoon now

They eat their whole lunch without throwing any food off the high chair
They don't run in the bathroom 500 times, they don't put their hands in the potty, they don't undress
No temper tantrums!!
Time to get kids from school

Hi kids how was your day?.........we had a great day....again no fighting about who is sitting where, no name calling
Everyone gets out of the car, helping each other making sure we have babes and back packs
Ok time for some homework.......ok mom I will get it
Sitting calmly and quietly at the table getting homework done. It actually doesn't take long at all since we are helping each and there wasn't one melt down!!
They are watching TV and agree on what to watch
Time for dinner.....okay mom, the TV is immediately turned off
Wow mom! This dinner looks delicious!! I can't wait to eat it
Mmmmmmmm, thanks mom, you are the best. I think you are the best cook who ever lived!!
Everyone helps clean the table, even the babes and high chairs!
It's been such a great day I feel like playing a game with the one is fighting, no none took the others turn, we all congratulate the winner!!!
Shower time!!! Ok mom I will go first so it doesn't get late
We enjoy a family TV show, we all laugh
Time for bed....ok mom.....oh wait I have to brush my teeth and go potty first
There is no fighting, everyone is in their bed waiting for a hug and kiss
Good night my loves, what an awesome day!!! Kiss kiss
Now I get time with my hubby, watching whatever we want. The older girls decide you know what? I feel like going to bed early
Ok girls!! Love you pleasant dreams!! See you in the morning

Ahhhhhhhh, one can dream huh?

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