Friday, March 9, 2012

Sunshine Award

You know it happens at your house too gave me this awesome award!
The sunshine award. I can't figure out how to get pics on here but here are the rules

1. Include the award's logo in a post or on your blog. 
2.  Answer 10 questions about yourself.
3.  Nominate other fabulous bloggers.
4.  Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know that they have been nominated. 
5.  Share the Love and link back to the person who

1.  What is your favorite color?  Purple.  Purple makes me happy.  I even wear purple eyeliner and eye shadow!

2.  What is your favorite animal?  I really don't have one, but dogs are ok

3.  Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink?  Coffee! I love it, hot, iced, at home Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts...I have at least 4 cups a day :)

4.  What is your favorite number?  3 it was when I started dating my husband and then our anniversary is July 3

5.  Facebook or Twitter?  I am a Facebook addict. The last thing I need is something else! Thats why I haven't even went on Pinterest.

6.  What is your passion?  My family. It's everything to me!

7.  What is your favorite pattern?  Hmmmmm, I don't have one

8.  Favorite day of the week?  You know what's funny? Being a stay at home mom, everyday is the same! But I would say Saturday. No school, we are all together and the kids can stay up,later so less hassle

9.  Favorite Flower?  I would say red roses. When my husband and I were dating, every time he bought a pack of cigarettes, he also bought me a red rose. Now I get some on Valentines Day :)

10.  Give or Get Presents? ..I would say get presents. I rarely get them so when I do it means a lot!

My Nominations:  This is so hard for me.  I don't want to leave out any of the wonderful blogs I have started reading. 

1.  HomemStyle Mama with a side of Autism I love following her, she has helped me more than she probably knows with my son :)
2. My crazy life, ramblings of a mom I feel like we are at the same stage in life, and are having a hard time with it. It's great how we encourage each other.
3. Overworked super mom I just started following her and I like everything she has to say. She has such a way with words like I just want to be heard.
4. Retro Wifey she probably doesn't even realize that she's helping me find the joy in being a homemaker again.
5. Ancora Impartial I just started following. They have twins too! Very funny and wife does some blogs too :)
6. Paranthood I think I like her because if I ever cut loose with my mouth, I would say what she does! She's hilarious and very outspoken!


  1. oh, thank you so much!! that really means a lot!

  2. Awe Thanks for that sweet compliment, its not easy being a stay at home mom its a daily struggle/blessing but with others out there it makes it much easier!