Monday, March 26, 2012

Showing off.......

Women really crack me up sometimes. They get so caught up in comparing EVERYTHING!! Especially kids. Sometimes when I'm out with the twins people think they are my only kids. I don't really care enough to correct it. We are at the library, the park or somewhere like Target. Of course we start chatting it up a little, and they have the most amazing child ever! Did everything early blah blah. This is when I say, yeah I will probably be one of those moron moms who have 4 yr olds with binkys! I mean they are still in a crib and have one bottle a day. I see the look of horror on her face and that's when I say well if it makes a difference they are potty trained! By this time she walks away! LOL....I am so over the comparing! I have been there done that. I remember when my oldest was 2 I was like ok sing the ABC's . Did you know she can even count to 5 in Spanish? Soooo ridiculous! Who cares? I see on my personal FB videos of family member kids doing the exact same stuff. So lame.  I have the full range over here. Really smart to really behind. I have the kid who started kindergarten reading, and the one who could only recognize three letters until around second grade. So now instead of comparing, I just try to be understanding and sympathetic.  To give the moms i come in contact with everything i wanted as a young mom. You know what i want to know? Not what your child is doing, i want to know how you do it. How do you keep it all going. Where do you find time for yourself? How do you keep up with all the roles we have. Wife, mother, daughter, friend, teacher, nurse, taxi, and being you somewhere in there. Life is so hard as it is and on top of that being a wife and mother is the hardest thing I have to do.

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