Monday, April 16, 2012

A moment of my life.....

Don't you hate those moments when you don't follow your instinct? We have colds, virus, coughs going through the house. My twins got it and my one babe seems to just have a cold now. I knew my other babe just seemed sicker. I thought on Sunday I should probably take her to urgent care. Well as you can imagine with a full house and oldest stopping by, the day just got away from me. Then at bedtime she was really coughing. I had that, I'm the worst mom ever moment, why didn't I just take her to urgent care? I put her to sleep knowing it was going to be a long night. My girl was just having such a hard time I gave her a breathing treatment. At least she slept some after that. She was so restless I was up checking her all night. She hates her runny nose, and has been wiping it so hard it's beet red with cracked skin! I took her to the doctors this morning and she has bronchitis and an ear infection. :( I went to the pharmacy to get prescriptions, when they tell me something is wrong with my insurance. Are you kidding me? Do you not see this sick babe on my shoulder? I don't have time for this. She says call them and when it's straightened out we will put the prescriptions through again. Of course I go right to the car and try and call on my cell phone. Damn phone just blacked out one me! Are you kidding?! I drove home, called, blah blah the guy said yep it's straightened out. I go back to pharmacy, it's been an hour now, and she says no it still won't go through! GRRRRR! I almost freaked out, but instead I said how much is Zithromax? She gave me discount, and told me once it's straightened out which could take 3 days, she will reimburse me. Seriously? 3 days? My girl needed the medicine now. Thankfully it was only $21 . I still have some albuterol in the house. I gave her a treatment before the Zithromax. Holy cow! She got so wired, and weird. I hate that, but it was nice to see her smile. She took her medicine nice and finally settled down for a nap. Hopefully she will sleep tonight and feel better tomorrow.....


  1. I don't remember where you live, but usually the pharmacist is supposed to call when the insurance won't go through...not send you home and say "call us back when you talk to them." And I know that because I used to be a pharmacy tech and it's pretty much the same "rule" everywhere.

    Anyway, I hope your babe feels better soon! {{{HUGS}}}

    1. That's what I thought! I was so angry, I had a sick babe on my shoulder and just left in a huff. If someone was watching me they would've cracked up! I put her in the car went to use my phone it blacked out I punched the steering wheel and drove off! Hilarious! I still have to work on it tomorrow to get my money back!