Thursday, April 5, 2012


Well thankfully my boy progresses more every year. I like to focus on how far he's come, than dwell on how far he still has to go. These are the latest updates.

His anxiety is so much better. I think a lot has to do with he's older, and he knows what's expected of him. We do the same thing everyday. He barely throws up, he just bites his finger nails. He does have a thing with biting the collar of his shirt. Sometimes he is allowed to suck on a peppermint, or chew a piece of gum to help.
We went shopping and have found socks he likes! I can't even tell you how many sheets this boy has slept on but we found ones he likes! And a comforter too! He likes them washed often because he likes the smell. He has the cleanest bed in the house! 
I let him have the nightlight and any other light he wants on. It makes him feel safe. I had to rearrange his room so his bed faced a certain way.
HE SLEEPS!!! That's all I care about! 
The cutest thing is he is really close to his older sister Genius. She is the only other one in the house who really gets him, and can comfort him. If he has a nightmare, she lets him sleep in her bed. I can't even think about when she goes away to college! I'm hoping he will be a little older and able to handle it. 
He loves being an older brother to the twins. It makes him feel smart and he likes to teach them things. Like coloring, or playing something together.
Since the twins he has grown so much with being able to understand emotions more. They will tell him I don't like it, so he knows to stop what he is doing.
It is kind of funny though when he accidentally knocks one of them down. He will leave her crying on the floor and I will ask him what do you think you should do? Then he will go over pick her up and give her a hug. So cute, it melts my heart.
He has even tried some new foods, and when I made pork chops different he had a small meltdown, took some deep breaths and ate the whole thing! Even the green beans he tried to hide in his napkin!
it complicated, you know? Some still think I let him get away with too much. Um no, I pick my battles with him. Some think he gets "it" since he is 11. Um no, he doesn't but whatever. Some think I baby him, or he's spoiled or it's because he's the only boy. Some even think Autism is a garbage diagnosis, and it's nothing like him from what they read online! Um really?! I don't know what you are reading but it describes him exactly! All I know is I love him and I don't think you can ever love too much!

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