Wednesday, April 11, 2012


The older I get I realize how perspective is constantly changing. It depends on how old we are, what's happened to us, our parents, and our children.  It seems once I  have some new perspective i want to share it with others. I have hit a stage in my life where my perspective changes drastically every year.
The biggest shift has been when my oldest moved out. Someone pointed out, isn't that what we are doing anyway? Preparing them to leave and start their own lives? Of course the answer is yes! BUT, it didn't go how I thought it would at all.  Perspective point: I give my kids the life I never had. It's all they know, so why do I expect them to be so thankful? She had so many opportunities she's just thrown away. It's not my life, it's hers. Sooooo much easier said than done! I had to admit to myself I had all these dreams for her. Exactly, MY dreams not hers....I also have a 16 yr old and 14 yr old. I realize now how quickly these high school years go. I'm thankful for the time we have together. I've started talking to them about what THEY want to do with their lives. My 14yr old doesn't plan on college. You know what? It's ok. My relationship with her is more important than fighting with her about something that she has to live with.  Plus she does have plans for beauty school and she is really talented already. My 16 yr old is preparing me she wants to live on campus. I have to let her go. It's amazing! I will just enjoy this year with her that much more.
Having older kids in general make me appreciate the younger ones so much more. I realize how fast it all goes! I do often wonder though how these precious little beings become bratty teenagers!
My in laws are moving 5 minutes away. I'm uh, less than thrilled. Perspective point: my husband has already lost his father (he was only 56) his mom is all he has left. So yep, I have to deal with it. It's good for the kids to have relationships with grandparents.
My mom has had some health issues again. She had a six way bypass 5 years ago. When she calls, I answer the phone. When she wants to com e over or we are able to see her we do. Time is precious and we just never know. She has two surgeries coming up...
I feel Life is about relationships. For now, I'm called to my family and it consumes most of me and my time. Sometimes I wonder, is it worth it? Then I remember i have perspective, of course it is!

Perspective points are arrows to thankfulness
It's how we can find value in what seems a waste

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  1. I would absolutely hang myself if my in laws moved 5 minutes away. I do not get along with DH's family. I can't stand them and they're not particularly thrilled with me either.

    DH and I probably would wind up divorced if either of our parents lived that close o.O