Monday, May 21, 2012

Boot camp summer

Well as I said the count down has begun! Friday is our first day of summer! Actually I am one of those crazy moms who love the summer. Not only do I enjoy the warm weather and swimming, I like having everyone home. I also enjoy all the free time, no HW and not having to  run the kids back and forth to school.
I read an article the other day about not letting technology take over family life. It really hit me because I am not very social. It took me awhile to get a smart phone and iPad, but once I did I understood what all the fuss was about. I LOVE it. I'm as addicted as a teenager! My virtual life is amazing and satisfying. I'm not the type of person that needs to be around people. Maybe it's because I am never alone since I have a large family, or it's just in my nature from growing up as an only child. I love to be alone. 
Ok, back to the article. It was saying how all this technology might be hampering our ability to empathize, that kids are having a hard time reading body language, resolving conflicts or feeling compassion for their real life friends. That we need to help our children maintain a balance between actual friends and online friends.
I realized that I'm an adult. I have the freedom to choose who to spend time with, when and how often. I know what I need and how to act in social situations. But my kids do not. They have to deal with kids alll day, every day. A huge part of parenting for me is teaching them coping skills. Well this now is equally important.  I will sacrifice some screen time, to show my kids about balance, and spending time together. Another good tip is to have your children look at you when you are talking. Im actually guilty of checking my phone in front of someone. How rude! It could definitely wait a couple of minutes until the person is done talking.
This is what I've come up with. We will eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner together screen free. We will swim together, and play something together everyday. I will let them have friends over. We will talk more about feelings. I will be empathetic with them so they will see what it is! When the older ones are out, a text won't be enough. They need to call me so I can hear their voice. (not to mention the background noise) I also think its important to use real words. Again, I am guilty of this as well, but I realize now how uneducated this generation is sounding. If something bad or sad happens, I don't think a frown face is enough. Use words, kind encouraging ones. It's amazing how easy it is to be so LAZY! You know what else this mama is bringing back? Complete sentences, and please and thank you. Why is it I have toddlers who know how to ask for something, yet my older children get away with barely asking?
So my kids are going to have what I like to call boot camp summer. How I fell into such a pattern of lazy parenting, I'm not sure. But I can tell you this mama is so TIRED of it!! Of course now that I said all this, hell will break loose, and I will be tested to the max! 
But it's all good, I will just post it on Facebook! ;)


  1. I was just thinking about this very subject... technology is both a blessing and a curse, but like you said it can take control. I'm with you I am going to spend more time in front of my kids this summer. I signed them up for camp that includes physical activity, arts, crafts & play. I stopped using any electronic during meal time, after watching this kid eat all alone while his mom played on her phone... he looked so very sad and when he tried to say something to her, she shushed him. It was two years ago... I haven't taken a call or used my phone during meal time since then and so you know not one single thing has happened that couldn't wait until after. OH, yes and the eye contact.. that one is very important. Great read... made me think about things I can do to improve on. thank you for sharing.

  2. Love it! I can't wait to hear how it goes!