Thursday, May 31, 2012

A day in the life....


How could I forget what an adventure it is to go out with my 6 kids? We were signing up for the library program for the summer. As soon as I walked in with the kiddos I could feel eyes on me. The young girl signing up the kids was so funny. She's like you need 6? I said yes, 6. Oh ok, then it went ok until it was time to pick a first prize. Why do the kids always worry about what everyone else is getting? Oh mom, you should get the twins this, and he should get this. NO, you pick out your own and move on. I got the twins 2 different things since if they are in the mood they will fight over the same exact thing anyway. Then I picked buttons for the older girls. The one kid is like you're not supposed to give her the bag to pick from. No big deal, everyone finally got their prize and off we went to check out the library. It's hard to say no to books and free movies! All of a sudden my girl yells POOP! Of course the library was completely quiet during this time. Thank God I have teens, and my daughter quickly ran her to the bathroom. I was looking at some cook books when the girls come running over so excited about George and Elmo! I told them shhh it's a quiet place. I think they were louder telling each other to shhh! LOL then it was check out time. By this time it was time to get out quick. Thankfully my older girls got the babes in the car while I checked out. So 23 movies and 11 books later we were out of there! (yes I know, we love movies :))
On the way home I stopped at SAMs club for some dinner. I got talked into getting their credit card so I could save $20 on this order. OMG! It took so long! The kids were getting restless. The twins threw their toys at the lady 2 times, saying home, home, my son was touching the computer and making noises, my older girls were like mom please, this is taking long and it's embarrassing. I'm like we'll twenty bucks is twenty bucks so I'm not leaving. The lady was so nice, she kept saying sorry this is taking long, and I'm like sorry my girls threw their toy, and my son is touching EVERYTHING!
Finally we were out of there and it was a kid picked dinner tonight, tater tots, cheese quesadillas, tortilla chips and cucumbers.
WHEW, I'm done.....


  1. :) so, are you going back to the library? I'm wondering if I have the courage. LOL!

  2. I'm a librarian, and I have to say that we're more forgiving than we seem to be :). Hope you're enjoying the movies and books.