Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mid life crisis

When I look in the mirror and I see
I can't believe the reflection looking back is me
No longer is there a girl full of curiosity
Now there's an older woman who is filled with familiarity 
I am so different now, a wife, a mother with a routine
And I am me somewhere in between
There are so many changes these years bring
I look back at pictures and my heart sings
Maybe it's a good change, to save me from the heartache of letting go
Or for my children to be able to grow
Now I'm trying to balance it all
Sometimes it seems all I do is fall
Life is sure one crazy ride
I'm learning to take it all in stride
I'm filled with questions, what's next? What do I do now?
This next stage of life I have no idea how
to separate from being mommy,  can you help me
To you know mom,  I don't want or need you to help me
They need to find their own way
I have to trust they have  learned to be okay
I wish it wasn't so hard to let go
I have to not let my feelings show
I can still be and do anything I choose
At this point I have nothing to lose
It's about time I focus on myself
I no longer need to stay on the back shelf

1 comment:

  1. Whoa. Beautiful. While I'm reading this the boy says in the other room, "I don't want this school year to end." And I'm thinking, it's soo hard to think of the next thing sometimes. But you don't know what wonderful thing is around the corner.