Thursday, January 19, 2012

Drama queen

So drama queen is my third baby. She is my miracle in more ways than one. She is an after miscarriage baby. I was so excited to be pregnant again, and also scared to death! After I made it past the point I had my miscarriage I started to relax. Well that was short lived. We were going on a camping trip and on the way stopped for my routine 20 week ultrasound. Well my husband and I got the shock of our lives...they said this baby has several markers for Downs Syndrome and recommend further testing. We were shocked to say the least. After much thinking, praying, crying etc we decided to do nothing. If God wanted us to have a Downs baby then that's what we were going to have. I signed papers refusing all further testing. We already loved this baby. She was so wanted, how could we not keep her? Well not everyone agreed with our decision. It was stressful to say the least. Then they thought I had gestational diabetes, and after being tortured for three hours results were negative..uh duh I could've told you that. Then one routine visit at like 8 mos we were listening to the heartbeat and even I heard it that it didn't sound right. So off we went to a specialist.So it turned out her heart was fine but her fluid was low...any lower and they would have to take the baby! I'm like whoa it's too early no way. So I was on bed rest which was a joke having two little kids at home. I made it through the holidays and still no baby. I told my husband I'm fine I will never have this baby just laying here. So at this time he had a SUV and we did a little off roading..I know crazy but hey it worked! I wasn't sure if they were going to make me crazy or not so I told my husband I am staying home as long as possible. Well by the time I got to the hospital I was 7cm! By the time they had things set up I was like okay I'm pushing now! As soon as she came out and they put her one me I couldn't believe it! Not only did she not have Downs she was the most beautiful perfect baby I had ever seen! We just started to cry and thank God. I really do believe he healed her. No one understood my faith during that time but I just felt God saying it will be ok trust me. So there we were 5 days late with a beautiful healthy girl weighing 8lbs 9oz!
So see its been drama since the beginning!!
Since this is her 15th birthday, I've shared her birth story with her again. I think since she was trying to say we don't love her, favor her sister blah, blah, I think her realizing how wanted she was has helped us have a break through. I actually got an unprompted I'm sorry with a hug! I hope it lasts. So today, her fave dinner, steak and ribs, and mocha brownies. :)


  1. Just magic ...Happy Birthday to you and your mom xxxx

  2. Every once in a while you can see the comprehension of our words in their face and it is amazing, happy birthday to you both!