Monday, January 16, 2012


Perspective is a funny thing. You always think you have it then you get older and you realize oh now I have perspective! I guess it's just like change. It's always evolving. I'm at a very unique time in my life right now. My kids pretty much cover all age ranges and personality types. I have kids that love school and ones that hate it! I have a grown daughter who moved out and is living life her way. It starts at the beginning. You have a toddler then you have a newborn. You enjoy every crazy sleepless night because you know how fast it goes. Now my older bratty children give me perspective to enjoy the little ones because it goes so quick. It's funny now that I have all this perspective most women aren't interested to hear what I have to say. I wish as a young mom an older woman would've come along side me and helped me gain perspective. When people say enjoy every minute, or time goes so quickly they are not dismissing the fact it's hard right now. Or how young children suck you dry. We are simply saying take a moment in each day and count your blessings, spend time with your children, hug them and tell them you love them. Children need to feel safe and secure and loved. They need that place where they can be fully accepted for who they are. Not to mention when they are young and driving you crazy they are still home! You have control over what they are doing. Older kid stress changes perspective quite a bit. Now it's drive safely, is it more dangerous for my teen to drive then have someone else drive? Do I let her drive friends around? What if something happens? Where are you going? Are they really where they say they are? Oh no she's late! Is she ok? Did she get in an accident? And on and on the worries go...especially when you add dating into the mix but I will save that for another time. All this just to say as much as I rant and act like a crazy bitch sometimes don't ever get it twisted, I love my kids more than life itself!!

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