Monday, January 23, 2012

Just one day

Oh how I long for just one day for day where I can do whatever I how bout nothing at all? No one to cater ones butt to crumbs on the counter or the cleaning of any one expecting anything from food to cook, or one wanting to talk to one up my day of peace and day to go to the bathroom when I need to...a shower in peace...enjoying what I eat, no one wanting a bite, no one expecting some too....sleeping in, oh what a joy that would be! No alarm, no babes, no one in my bed....maybe I would go crazy and do my nails, hair, and makeup...oh how I would love to spend a day reading..or writing..being able to have complete thoughts with no interruptions on the phone in a movie with no whatever I want allll dayyyyy longggg....oh what a joyous day that would be! Yeah sure those days will come eventually, but I want one NOW!! When I feel so worn out...tired...overwhelmed..when I feel like my dried up sponge on the side of my sink..oh how I long for you my one day...

1 comment:

  1. I totally feel ya on this, my kids are sick now I am too and its so hard....One day when the kids are grown and moved out I know I will miss them dearly though.