Friday, January 20, 2012

Why I hide food

I know what your thinking already. She hides food? That's crazy. Hear me out. There are several reasons...first when you have kids and I happen to have a lot of them they want everything that is yours! Can I have a bite? Can I taste it? Ughh didn't you get one for me? NO I didn't! I'm allowed to have something for myself for crying out loud! Then if it's not the kids it's hubby! Perfect example. I bought special K cereal...I was lucky to get one bowl of it!! Suddenly everyone likes it? Grrr so I end up either eating what I get all at once, I know I'm a pig..or if it's candy or something I try to hide it. There are not many places to hide stuff around here! I have no privacy!! Just the other day babes were in my closet eating my chocolate!! If I put stuff in the pantry the kids always find it and I just love when they put the empty box in there and when I ask no one ever knows who ate's the mysterious "not me" again! So I have no choice but to hide food if I want it for myself!


  1. Got 2 words for you... tampon box. and you're welcome ;)

  2. Thanks! I can't believe I havent thought of that!! :)