Wednesday, January 18, 2012


You know what I realize? The older I get people make less and less sense to me. Remember HS? Girls talking about other girls, rumors, fights, popular not popular etc. well you know what HS never ends my friends! Years ago when I was working women were bitches and I thought well it's because I'm young, no big deal. Then I got married, started having kids etc. the friends that weren't doing this didn't stay around. So I decided to join a mommy group. What a joke! Those women were the biggest bitches I ever met! All they do is either bash their husbands, or compare whose child is doing what and who did it first. Really?! This is important? Then I started going to church. I thought for sure bible study ladies would be different right? Yeah ok not even close. Not only were these ladies bitches, they are hypocrites on top of it! Which brings me to today. I started a mom page, a place where I can vent, be myself, and get some encouragement from other women. For the most part it's been a great experience. I've met some great ladies that can handle my sarcasm, language and drama. They even got my back so to speak. They even say nice things and like when things are going well for me. How sad that we don't have more of this in real life? Why do women always feel the need to compete, and compare? Whether its personal, looks, body type etc, husbands, or whose kid is doing what, why does it even matter? PARENTING IS SOOOO HARD!!! No one has all the answers! Why don't we spend more time building each other up than tearing each other down? Let's laugh at the good times together, cry through the hard times together, and encourage each other through it all!!! In the end you know what? I will have the last laugh, know why? The Lord blessed me with 6 daughters! I will always have women in my life either way!

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