Saturday, January 21, 2012

You're going to miss it

Im guilty, I've said it before. I don't say it in the same way anymore. I am fully aware of what I will miss. I won't miss sleepless nights,dirty diapers, potty training, running to the bathroom 500 times a day, carrying a diaper bag so huge it looks like I'm going away for the weekend, finger prints everywhere, stuff broken or wrecked allll day long, temper tantrums, dr visits, homework, calls from the school for dumb shit, no privacy, laundry, kids stuff everywhere, being asked something alll dayyyyyyy with mom mom mom, mommmyyyyyyy, can I have? I want that and so on. What will I miss? That precious lil baby all snugly on my chest, that little hand in mine, the I love Lu mommy, how angelic they look when sleeping, seeing the world through their eyes, the excitement of everything new, alll the firsts, those amazing days when everyone gets a long and we are just laughing enjoying each other, those tender moments when mommy makes it all better, those days when someone messes with your kid and you go all mama bear on them, the days of having them all under my wing, the giggles, baby giggles, toddler giggles and children's laughter in the house,and finally I will miss YOUTH in itself! Me being young! And not so tired and worn down by life, and kids, and the pressures of everyday life! So yep I will miss it, but thankfully I have many years to go, many more firsts to experience, and I think I will have grandchildren by then....

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