Thursday, January 26, 2012

Its my boys 12th Birthday!

I cant believe it was 12 years ago I was in the hospital having my boy! Where does the time go? He is my fourth baby. I knew right away that this pregnancy was different. I just felt different. When we had the ultrasound and they told us it was going to be a boy we couldn't believe it. I had a great pregnancy with him. No problems, I felt great and it was such a relief after what we went through with drama queen. I remember being in labor and thinking maybe they made a mistake and it's really another girl! The funniest was I had a different midwife on call and she's like so how fast do you usually go once your water breaks. I'm like pretty fast. Well all of a sudden it was time to push! The midwife is yelling for a nurse, the room wasn't ready she's like ok don't push, I'm like I'm pushing someone better catch! I will never forget when she put him on me he was the most beautiful little boy I ever saw. With tears in our eyes hubby and I were like yep it's really a boy! And so there was my boy 8lbs 4 oz!
It was different having a boy right from the beginning! He was such a good baby. He was very cuddly and I loved that! He was a great sleeper, he napped and went to bed and slept all night. As a baby he sucked on his fingers, his middle and ring finger I thought it was cute, it drove everyone crazy! We are still real close, and I comfort him often. Everyone jokes he's such a mamas boy, but I don't care. I only have one boy so I can get away with it! When he feels no one understands, or he's having a hard time he comes to me, his safe place, and I wouldn't trade that for the world!
One of many fond memories with him was when we went to the mother son dance at school.


  1. I LOVE that picture!!! Happy birthday to your sweet boy! :)

  2. awe... Happy Day to ya, Mama and Happy Birthday to your boy! That is a fabulous picture of you two; you are very pretty and I love those shoes!