Monday, January 2, 2012

My top 3 hiding places

Isnt it strange that I even have to hide? This is probably one of my least favorite double standards I live with. I mean if hubby wants to shower, play a game, stay on his iPad, make a phone call, run an errand, go outside whatever you can think of he just goes. I wish I had that luxury! I cant even go to the bathroom without someone walking in on me! And I can't tell you how many times I've set up a nice relaxing bath and hubby will actually come in and sit on the toilet! I mean really? Why do you think I'm in the bath when ALL the kids are sleeping? Anyway to sneak away I sometimes go in the garage since my laundry is out there. It takes him quite awhile to come looking for me. I mean the last thing he wants to do is laundry! My next place is my closet. Sometimes I just pretend I'm looking at my clothes, or trying outfits on! And even tho I'm usually interrupted my fav place to hide is the bathroom! At least you can lock the door! uh oh gotta go someone's looking for me now!

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